Greg Thomas, HMB Review reporter for the midcoast, is leaving paper, returning to school

Greg Thomas, the Half Moon Bay Review reporter responsible for that paper’s coverage of the unincorporated midcoast, has announced that he is leaving the Review and is returning to school. He made the announcement on the Review’s popular “TalkAbout” discussion forum. The text of Greg’s post is reproduced below–you can visit and participate in the TalkAbout thread by clicking here.

From the Half Moon Bay Review’s TalkAbout discussion forum
(written by Greg Thomas):

Well Coastside, it’s been an adventure. After nearly two years reporting for the Review, I handed in my key this week.

To neutralize any rumors before they start, there are no hard feelings. On the contrary, the Review–my foray into the working world of journalism–instilled in me an affection for local community reporting and has inspired me to improve. I’m going back to school. Hopefully I’ll emerge stronger and better equipped. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. Sorry you didn’t get advanced notice of my departure.

The Review was and will always be the foundation of my professional experience. I was hired straight out of college.

For those who don’t know, the Coastside is a sort of training ground for aspiring journalists; the Review is the headquarters of boot camp.

A number of former reporters moved on to jobs where they apply skills honed and experience cultivated on the coast in a much, much larger pond. I can’t speak for them, but as for me, lessons learned at this job, in this place, inform who I am becoming–professionally as well as personally.

I think one of the reasons the Review has weathered the industry storm as it has–aside from attracting dedicated, talented and indefatigable workers–is because there’s a lot happening on the coast, and a lot of people living here care to be involved.

Everyone I’ve met and spoken with here has a stake in the region’s well-being. Most know it, but only a subset makes it a priority to improve, defend and steer the quality of life in the area. I encourage everyone who lives here to take the same initiative, one way or another.

In spite of some fundamental differences of opinion and opposing political views, people live here for a reason. I might argue most anyone who sets foot in and around Half Moon Bay is here for the same reason.

One way to get involved is to engage your local newspaper. It’s an awesome resource fewer and fewer communities are privileged with. I’ve followed the stories of people in desperate, confusing or otherwise awkward situations who find clarity, closure and even justice after sharing their afflictions publicly in the newspaper. The Review is here to represent and reflect the community and the needs, desires, intentions, successes and shortcomings of its people. But you have to contribute.

The impression I’m left with after a two-year roller coaster of reporting for the Review, as I prepare for the next step in my life, simply put, is: the more people participate wholeheartedly, the better we become.

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