Pigeon Point Lighthouse continues to decay, restoration stalled

The iconic Pigeon Point Lighthouse, one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world continues to decay despite hopes for a restoration.

Paul Rogers, writing in MercuryNews.com has the story along with an excellent slideshow of fifteen images taken at and inside the lighthouse, documenting the sad state of the structure.

From the MercuryNews article:

Sadly, however, the lighthouse sits blocked off behind chain-link fences, its once gleaming white facade now streaked with rust. Its black iron bracings are so corroded that an engineering report a year ago described its upper levels as “in critical condition” and so “structurally unsound” that emergency repairs should be done to help avoid “catastrophic failure.”

The federal government still hasn’t even transferred the title for the lighthouse and its five acres to the state.

The Schwarzenegger administration, which last year proposed closing most of California’s state parks to help balance the budget, hasn’t provided restoration funding. A private campaign to raise $5 million for repairs, spearheaded by the nonprofit California State Parks Foundation in San Francisco, has raised one-tenth that amount.

Photo by Darin Boville

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