Moss Beach split by “dangerous stretch of highway”

The over-the-hill media is starting to see what has been obvious to many here on the coast:


Most residents agree something does need to be done, however the solutions proposed have brought up some controversy.

“There’s not a stoplight until you get to Pacifica which is about 5 miles. There’s not a single stoplight or safe crossing in Moss Beach or Montara,” says Mid Coast Community Council member Neil Merrilees.

The chairman of the local community council said his group wants changes. But change is coming slowly.

“Unfortunately it took an accident to wake everyone up, because it probably would have dragged on even slower,” says Merrilees.

Caltrans says it has no plans to install a traffic light in Moss Beach. But the town could request a Caltrans survey, which is required before Caltrans can lower the speed limit. “This is a state highway, so it would be state money, and of course the state doesn’t have any money,” said Merrilees. “Yet it seems when something really needs to get done, there always is a little pot and one crosswalk is not going to break the bank.”

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