Gaskill clarifies reduction in school year and cost savings

Responding to questions from Montara Fog regarding the relationship of the recently announced delay in start the 2010-2011 school year and the passage of Measure E, Cabrillo School Superintendent Rob Gaskill offered this clarification:

“With the approval of Measure E, the three day reduction and corresponding savings comes from a reduction in the Student Calendar from 180 days to 178 and a reduction of one of the five teacher work days (actually the day dedicated to districtwide professional development).

In an “ordinary school year,” teachers would have participated in their districtwide staff development day on Wednesday, August 18 followed by work days on the 19th and 20th. Students would have had their first day on August 23. Now, teachers will not have the professional development day… will shift their two work days to Monday and Tuesday (Aug. 23 and 24) and students will begin their reduced, 178-day work day on Wednesday, August 25.

All employee work years will be reduced by this same three-day period producing the projected savings.”

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