Supervisor candidate forum at KPDO radio

The new radio station, KPDO in Pescadero, hosted a candidate forum for the Board of Supervisors race this past Sunday. All of the candidates participated. You can play a recording of the full forum straight through or you can use the schedule below to quickly locate a specific question of interest.

3:15 Opening statements

7:30 Access to clean drinking water for all residents (e.g. Marchi tennants)

12:00 Availability of emergency and low-income housing (e.g. Marchi tennants)

18:15: Building permit coordination to make housing available

24:30 Medical care on the South Coast (local or mobile clinic)

29:45 More resources to our schools

35:30 Funding for youth alcohol and drug prevention programs

40:00 [Question by Mr. Pelligrini of Montara, largely inaudible, regarding land use policy]

46:00 Flowers in every classroom? [Explanation of question inaudible]

51:00 What is largest government agency you have managed, why are you qualified to manage large county?

56:30 How to change building codes to promote walkable communities and public transportation?

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