Citzen oversight committee for parcel tax monies named


Cabrillo Board appoints eight to parcel tax oversight committee

The Cabrillo Unified School District Board of Education took formal action to appoint eight members to the newly-established Citizens’ Measure E Oversight Committee during the course of its regularly scheduled meeting last Thursday evening (September 9). According to the Board-approved Bylaws, “The committee shall consist of at least seven (7) members appointed by the Board of Trustees based on the following criteria: (a) one representative of the local business community; (b) one person active in a senior citizens’ organization; (c) one member from each of the two represented bargaining units; and (d) three additional at large appointees as selected by the Board of Trustees, at least one of whom shall have a child enrolled in the District.”

Newly-appointed Committee members are:

Mike Alifano, Local Business Representative
James Henderson, Representative Active in a Senior Citizen Organization
Abby Foster, Cabrillo Unified Teachers’ Association Representative
Jeff Crofton, California School Employees’ Association Representative
Chris Dobbrow, At-Large Representative
Patric Jonsson, At-Large Representative
Susie Tempesta, At-Large Representative
Stephen Johnson, At-Large Representative

While there are no legal requirements or guidelines for establishing such a committee for parcel tax measures, the Cabrillo Board agreed to voluntarily establish a Citizens’ Oversight Committee as a public accountability measure when the parcel tax was first placed on the ballot last spring. Measure E was subsequently approved by Coastside voters on June 8. An Oversight Committee will remain in place for the duration of the five-year term of the tax. An initial organizational meeting for the newly-formed Committee will be held at a date-to-be-determined in early to mid-October.

“We were very fortunate to have these individuals step up to the plate,” District Superintendent Rob Gaskill noted. “It’s a top-notch group who share a vested interest in making certain that these very important tax dollars are spent in the manner intended by our Coastside voters.”

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