HMB High and Hatch make big gains in state assessment, Farallone View and El Granada Elementary drop

[Note: I invited School Superintendant Rob Gaskill, all of the candidates for school board, and a few others to respond to the newly released scores for our local schools. I received a response from Superintendent Gaskill, which I am printing below, in full.]

From Rob Gaskill, Superintendant of the Cabrillo Unified School District

We are pleased that our over-all Districtwide API score improved again this year… from 781 to 785. We are continuing a slow but steady march toward the State’s API goal target of 800 and that is a very good sign for our school community.

Site results were somewhat mixed this year as is often the case when you are dealing with a smaller “N” (number of students) at the school-level. We are very excited to see the significant jump in scores at both Hatch Elementary– now an above 800 API school– and Half Moon Bay High School. At the same time, we are concerned by this year’s drop-offs at El Granada and Farallone View and our lack of good progress in closing that vexing achievement gap that exists between our White and Hispanic student subgroups at nearly every level. We have some work to do, without question.

We have already started “crunching the data” in order to identify specific standards to target and intervention strategies to apply during the current school year.

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