Big Wave, already bigger than Moby Dick, grows another five hundred pages

Just when you think it couldn’t get any bigger. The new Big Wave environmental report has gained nearly one thousand pages since it was last seen ten months ago. It is now just under three thousand pages long.

The public has twelve days in total to review this mighty tome of dense text and diagrams which was prepared not only by the Big Wave proponents but also, startlingly, by County staff.

It’s like fighting ourselves–it’s hard to have a fair fight under these conditions.

Three thousand pages, twelves days. That’s two hundred and fifty pages to analyze and comment upon, each and every day. Including weekends.

Whoops, it’s already Monday. Only eight days to go. That’s three hundred and seventy-five pages a day. Better get reading.

Note that this chart was prepared for the earlier version of the Big Wave proposal, last year. It has now grown to nearly three thousand pages in length.

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