Moss Beach computer modeler shows Big Wave’s visual impact

Laslo Vespremi is a software designer and 3-D computer modeler who lives in Moss Beach. The proponents of Big Wave have been reluctant to provide complete information on the visual impacts of the project–most recently refusing to erect story poles for all of the structures in the complex. To help remedy this Laslo used 3-D modeling tools to input the height and location of the buildings as shown in the project’s planing documents. He models the parking area as well. The point of view is that of a six foot tall viewer standing on the edge of Airport Blvd. The angle of view is that of a wide angle lens–which makes the buildings seem smaller and less imposing than they would in real life.

From Laslo:

Big Wave developers claim that the visual impact of putting 8 buildings with 225,000 office space and parking for 700 cars will be minimal.

I’d like to disagree. I took a picture from Airport Road showing the story board poles the developers put up. Filling in the space between the poles I am showing the actual size of the project. I also took several hundred cars and placed them in the foreground to the designated parking area to show the visual impact of that many cars.

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