Mysterious ship off Mavericks

A large ship near the shore at Ross’s Cove, a few hundred feet from the rocks. It is an odd ship, bristling with gear. It looks like a research or military vessel. There are no markings or numbers visible to observers on the shore.

A Zodiac rubber raft is lowered from the vessel with two men abord. They speed toward the shore, directly toward the observers who watch from atop the bluffs, but stop half way. After a minute they speed back to the ship and are hoisted aboard.

A scene from a new James Bond movie? No, it is just another day on the Coastside.

The Canadian-owned IT Intrepid arrived yesterday and has caused a bit of a stir among residents and local officials alike. The ship, owned by International Telecom, is a cable laying ship but no one seemed to know why it was here or what it was up to.

Today things are a little clearer. The IT Intrepid is removing the undersea portion of the ATOC/Pioneer Seamount Submarine Cable. You can read about the cable here (click on ATOC on the left menu)and about its effects on undersea life here.

That’s what they say at least….

Photos by Elizabeth Boville

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