Six Coastside organizations file joint Big Wave appeal, GSD files as well

Six coastside organizations–the Committee for Green Foothills, the Surfrider Foundation, the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club, the California Pilots Association, the Pillar Ridge Homeowners Association, and the League for Coastside Protection have filed a joint appeal of the San Mateo County Planning Commission’s approval of the Big Wave development.

The appeal cites these issues as grounds for its objections:

• The Project is inconsistent with the County’s General Plan and certified Local Coastal Program (“LCP”).

• The Project is inconsistent with the County’s zoning ordinance.

• The Project is inconsistent with the County’s Comprehensive Airport Land Use Plan.

• The Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) prepared for the Project is inadequate under the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”).

• The Planning Commission certified the EIR and approved the Project based upon a traffic study that was provided to the public only one business day before the Commission approved the Project.

• The Planning Commission failed to make the required CEQA findings for the Project.

The Granada Sanitary District has also filed an appeal citing the lack of a clear project definition in the environmental report, the lack of designation of GSD as a “Responsible Agency” which would have given GSD certain rights and protections with regard to the project design, and the lack of a defined volume of wastewater which would be added to the sewer system by the completed project.

The appeals on the Big Wave project will be heard by the Board of Supervisors but no meeting date has yet been set.

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