Pescadero water system coming back online


Pescadero Community Water System

(County Service Area No. 11) Water Outage Update

County of San Mateo Department of Public Works staff worked through the night on August 23, 2011, to resolve the water outage in the Pescadero Community Water System (CSA-11). The well intake pipe was extended and a new pump was installed and placed back in operation shortly after 12:00 AM on, August 24. Water is being pumped out of the well at an average rate of 3,600 gallons per hour and slowly replenishing the 140,000 gallons capacity storage tank.

As of 11:30 AM on August 24, the water distribution system is fully functional and we have approximately 8,000 gallons of water in storage. The storage tank is filling steadily each hour. A Boil Water Notice remains in effect until we have clearance from the State Department of Public Health to lift the notice. We expect the Boil Notice to be lifted within one to two days.

Public Works staff is working with the State to properly disinfect and test the water in the system. It may be necessary for staff to open some of the fire hydrants in various locations of the Town to help flush the pipe and allow chlorine to disinfect the water in the distribution system. A cancellation notice for the requirement to boil water will be distributed to the customers of CSA-11 once it is received from the State.

We would like to offer our thanks and appreciation to the community members of Pescadero in CSA-11 for their patience during this water outage and the assistance of various individuals who assisted in getting the pump system back in operation.

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