Download Montara Fog videos

I have had many requests to make my videos available for download, rather than just streaming within the Montara Fog page. These requests have become more numerous of late.

I don’t have an elegant solution but I do have one that will work. Click on any of the links below and you will be taken to a directory for a given year with a list of files. Click on any file to download. (In some browsers you may have to right-click, etc.) You may click on as many files as you like. Note that many of these files are very large and will take some time to download.

Important note on copyright: All of these videos are copyrighted. They fall into three broad categories:

1) Videos shot by Darin Boville. Most of the videos fall into this category. Theseare copyrighted by me but you can make use of them as you will for any non-commercial purpose.

2) Videos shot by Darin Boville under contract to the Coastside Fire Protection District. These are videos of the CFPD’s board meetings from April 2008 onwards. Not included are videos and audio recordings of the CFPD board prior to April 2008. The copyright for these is held by the CFPD board but they have granted free use of the videos to the public provided that proper attribution is made (e.g. “Video courtesy of CFPD” in some obvious place in proximity to the video).

Note there are video and audio recordings of the CFPD board meetings prior to April 2008. These videos are copyrighted by Darin Boville, see #1, above. The audio-only recordings are copyrighted by Vince Williams. Please contact me or Vince for permission to use these audio files in any way.

3) All other files are copyrighted by their respective owners. Please contact me or the copyright owners for permission to use these files in any way.

If you have any questions just let me know.

2007 file directory

2008 file directory

2009 file directory

2010 file directory

2011 file directory

2012 file directory

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