Full text of Kehoe settlement–Half Moon Bay to pay $295,000 with additional stipulations

In early 2009 Half Moon Bay cut down trees, removed truckloads of material, and undertook other activities related to clearing a waterway adjacent to the property of the Benjamins. Although the City has long experience with development issues and the legal requirements related to those requirements, the City chose not to obtain a Coastal Development Permit, issued by the Coastal Commission, even though the work seemed to require one.

This all ended up in court, as so many development issues in Half Moon Bay tend to do, and like so many issues before it concluded with a spectacular defeat for Half Moon Bay.

Click here for a summary of the case, published in 2010.

The Benjamins sued and won, the court penalizing Half Moon Bay with a fine that would potentially run over $1 million dollars.

Instead, the parties settled last week for just under $300,000 plus a host of other stipulations to which Half Moon Bay agrees to be subjected. Here is the text of that settlement.

Correction: Half Moon Bay removed two truckloads of material (tree, cuttings, etc) rather than two truckloads of dirt.

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