[UPDATED 3] Man abducts children in South San Francisco, possibly flees in stolen yacht

From various reports

Update 10:08 pm.  MercuryNews.com and SFGate.com are reporting that the children have been recovered. They were rescued just after 9:00 pm. Details are sketchy and at this time neither article indicates whether the father has been arrested.

Update 1:04 pm. SFGate has a informative article that sheds light on the relationship between Chris Maffei and his girlfriend, the mother of his kids:

Hipon told The Chronicle that there is no legal custody arrangement between her and Maffei, whom she described as a former boyfriend and parnter. The couple had informally agreed to share custody of their children, she said.

Hipon said she and Maffei had argued Monday about whether he would be able to see the kids because he “didn’t have his life together.”

She told him that as long as he didn’t have a job or his own place to live, he wouldn’t be able to visit them.

After that discussion, “he kept calling and calling, but I didn’t pick up,” Hipon said. She said he told her at the time that he “considered it kidnapping” for her to stop him from seeing the children.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Cops-closing-in-on-father-kids-and-yacht-3847831.php#ixzz25ofgIpRj


[Update at 11:52: The vessel has been located by a Coast Guard aircraft. A surface ship is en route to that location.]

A fisherman off Pillar Point Harbor reported seeing the vessel Unleashed as well as Chris Maffei and one of his two children at 4:00 am this morning, reportedly 50 miles offshore. Coast Guard aircraft and surface ships have been dispatched but had not yet located the boat as of 11:00 am today.


From various reports

South San Francisco police are looking for a father who has abducted his two daughters, ages 2 and 3, and may be sailing in a stolen yacht. In the past he had expressed interest in sailing to Monterey or Mexico.

The 40-foot vessel is named “Unleashed” with its home port, San Francisco, also painted on the stern. It was stolen from its berth in Alameda. The father is Christopher Maffei, 43. The details of the abduction were not available.

If you sight the vessel or the individuals call 911 or contact the South San Francisco Police at  (650) 877-8900.


UPDATE: MercuryNews.com has more details.

South San Francisco police said Christopher Maffei took 3-year-old Brooklynn and 2-year-old Devin and drove a white Ford Fusion to Club Nautique harbor on Ballena Boulevard, where the car was found. Investigators learned that Maffei had been to the harbor two weeks before, kids in tow, to ask about purchasing a boat.

The stolen sailboat is a white Hunter 41 with blue canvas, christened “Unleashed.” It has a hull number of HUN41366C707. While police believe it was spotted around 6 p.m. Wednesday in the area of Mare Island near Vallejo, an extensive air and ground search Thursday proved fruitless and the boat, Maffei and children are still missing.

Christopher Maffei

The Unleashed

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