Coastside Fire directors present opposing views on future of fire department (Video)

Mike Alifano and Gary Burke–both directors of the Coastside Fire Protection District–offered the public their views on whether the Coastside should stay on with Cal Fire, the vendor now providing fire protection services, or should re-form a standalone fire department. Mike favors re-forming a standalone department while Gary supports staying with Cal Fire.

The debate, sponsored by the Midcoast Community Council, was held this past Wednesday and offered citizens one of the few chances to hear both views presented at the same time, in a concise and focused way.

Montara Fog filmed the event and it is presented here broken down into three parts. First, winning the coin toss, is Mike Alifano explaining his reasons why Cal Fire needs to be replaced with a standalone department. Gary Burke followed with a defense of Cal Fire. Both of these video run about ten minutes in duration. After these formal statements is a roughly one-hour long interactive question and answer session. All three are published here unedited.

Mike Alifano

Gary Burke

Question and Answer

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