The return of the Witches’ House

[Note: This series was filmed in 2007–where does the time go?–and due to many requests here they are again in all of their glory. Happy Halloween.]

Somewhere down along the coast (I can’t tell you what coast), in a small town near the ocean (but I can’t tell you what town), on a street just up aways (I can’t say the street), round the corner and to the gate (never mind the gate), stands a house.

It’s a very special house. It is a Witch’s’ House.

You know the house I mean but…..shhhhh. We don’t want the world to know.

(The series was filmed and produced by Darin Boville except the final video which was filmed by Jennifer Merrilees. If I recall correctly the idea to do the series was Jennifer’s.)



Bags of Candy


Pumpkin Patterns


Follow the Pumpkins


The Carving


Knock at the Door

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