Martin’s Beach owner is sued by Santa Cruz attorney

Gary Redenbacher, a Santa Cruz attorney, is suing the mystery owner of Martin’s Beach over denying the public access to that beach. Vinod Khosla, a founder of Sun Microsystems and venture capitalist, is said to have purchased the property in 2008 for nearly $40 million. The prior owner had restricted access on the road across his property which led to the beach by charging a fee.

From the Mercury News article:

After buying the property, the new owner erected a barricade on Martin’s Beach Road intended to prevent the public from getting to the small neck of sand, nestled between rocky shoulders on either side. According to Redenbacher, four surfers who stormed the barricade and attempted to ride the waves at Martin’s were arrested recently. The timing of the legal complaint was coincidental, he said, but it reinforced the need for a lawsuit.

“Calling the police and having some people who just want to surf the break be criminally prosecuted — not just asked to leave — is their right, of course,” Redenbacher said. “But everything that they’ve done seems to me a malicious attempt to prevent people from going in there.”

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