A new Forum

I’ve had several requests to implement a discussion area here on Montara Fog. I thought, “Why not?”

In the menu bar you’ll see a new item, “The Forum.” Not a very inventive name, I know, but I figure if readers find the feature useful we can collectively think of a better name.

I’m doing this on a strictly experimental basis–if it doesn’t go anywhere I’ll take it down. There are no real rules at present–like the name I intend to make it up as we go along. But common sense and common courtesy apply, as always.

You will need to register to post but you need not use your real name (but you must stick with whatever “handle” you choose). The software will say that you need to verify an e-mail but, if I’ve set it up right, you can actually start posting right away.

I’ll be adding new features (and better visuals) as the need arises. If you think of a feature that you would like to see just ket me know.

Finally, this Forum is not intended to be a replacement for the Half Moon Bay Review’s TalkAbout. If this new Forum is successful it will have a different personality, although that may take time to fully manifest itself. Indeed, there are only two futures that I see–one in which this forum fails to attract a significant number of users (in which case TalkAbout remains unchanged) and a future where both forums are active (in which case TalkAbout will likely gain users, not lose them). The “space” here is, I think, much larger than the that which TalkAbout now fills.

The forum should prove an interesting experiment. I’m curious to see what readers will make of it.

One Response to A new Forum

  1. OSM. Nov 26, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Paul, Eric taught us all so much about courage and generosity…..Thank You.