Board of Elections sends certification to Fire Board recall organizers, announcement expected at tonight’s Fire Board meeting

The San Mateo County Board of Elections, acting as a sort of auditor of the signatures gathered in an effort to recall three directors from the Coastside Fire Protection District Board of Directors, has completed its work and has sent the results of its efforts to the organizer of the recall, Marshall Ketchum.

It is expected that Ketchum will announce and present the results of the Board of Elections tonight to the Fire Board who will, if enough signatures have been certified, have fourteen days in which to schedule a date for the recall election. The election would, in that case, take place between eighty-eight and one hundred and twenty days from that date.

To succeed in getting a recall on the ballet the organizers need to have 2714 certified signatures. The number of signatures (2714) is derived from calculating twenty percent of the registered voters on the Coastside. According to the Board of Elections there are 13,570 voters. Recall organizers, in the expectation that some signatures would be disallowed, collected 3290 signatures to recall Director Alifano, 3327 to recall Director Macintosh, and 3366 to recall Director Riddell.

The Fire Board will meet tonight at 7:30 at the Half Moon Bay fire station. Public comment begins immediately after the start of the meeting.

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