Controversial “Mojave Memorial Cross,” stolen in 2010, recovered in Half Moon Bay

For background on the Cross and its controversies see the Wikipedia entry for the Mojave Memorial Cross.


San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

Half Moon Bay, CA: On 11/05/2012 and 1106 hours, deputies were dispatched to a location approximately 3 miles south of upper HWY 92, on HWY 35 (Muddy Road) after receiving a call from ABC Channel 7 News. They relayed that a famous Cross had been found on the side of the road. The Cross was said to have significant historical value with a reward of $100,000 for the arrest and conviction of those who stole it.

Upon arrival, deputies observed a Cross standing up-right, and attached to a fence post with ”zip ties.” The Cross was in good condition with a note taped to it.

Deputies contacted the National Parks Service, who put them in touch with an officer in the Mojave Desert, who was familiar with the Cross. Through their conversations the officer described unique markings on the Cross, which deputies verified were present on the cross in their possession. The National Parks officer verified that the Cross found on the side of the highway today was the Cross that had been stolen from the Mojave Desert back in 2010. The San Francisco branch of the National Parks Service will be in contact with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office to take custody of the Cross.

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