Paul Perkovic dies at 63, worked to preserve the Coastside

Paul Perkovic died this morning. Paul was a unassuming but central participant in shaping Montara and the Coastside, fighting against overdevelopment and working tirelessly to preserve the character of our community.

At a spectacular going away party held at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, Coastsiders learned that the Paul we knew was only one facet of a complex individual. While we knew him as the local activist, others, from his Harvard years where he worked to change Harvard University’s non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation, and from his work in the emerging software industry, knew Paul from an entirely different perspective.

Paul’s encyclopedic knowledge of local issues, his detail and fact-based approaches to Coastside controversies, and his good humor will be greatly missed.

Julia Scott (the same Julia Scott that used to cover Coastside issues for the San Mateo County Times) has produced an audio program for the BBC that chronicles Paul’s last months with his husband, Eric Trefelner.

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