Recall signatures certified for Alifano, Macintosh, and Riddell, date to be chosen for election

Three members of the Coastside Fire Protection District Board of Directors were officially notified today that enough signatures had been gathered to put them up for a recall election. The board was notified in person by an attorney with the San Mateo County Board of Elections just prior to the beginning of Wednesday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

According to the Board’s legal counsel, they must select a date for the election within fourteen calendar days and that day must be between eight-eight and one hundred twenty five days in the future. If the fourteen days expire without a date chosen by the board, the county will choose its own date without further consultation.

The Fire Board has called a meeting for Monday to set a date for the recall election.

Director Alifano received 2862 certified signatures to place him on the ballot for recall, Director Macintosh received 2883 certified signatures, and Director Riddell received 2908 certified signatures.

The video below, about three minutes in length, shows the Fire Board’s substitute attorney (the regular attorney was out due to an injury) announcing the results.

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