Protecting public access and views, December 12th at the Midcoast Community Council meeting, Seton Hospital, 7pm

Should County streets and rights-of-way be preserved, at least for non-motorized public access to the shoreline?  The LCP defines shoreline as blufftop as well as beach.  Or should the County allow neighboring property owners to close off these public rights-of-way for their private use?  Picture window views at street ends in Montara have been boarded up.

Hope you can attend 12/12 MCC meeting where Deputy County Mgr Peggy Jensen will report to the community on questions raised in the 10/24 MCC presentation on this issue.  A full house would certainly underscore the importance of this issue.  HMB Review is sending a reporter.

12/12/12, 7pm at Seton — Montara Coast agenda item starts after 7:30

MCC website has an Issues Page with more complete information and links to 10/24 presentation and an email to County Counsel regarding case law protecting public access to street rights-of-way that were laid out in original subdivision.

Issues Page:
10/24 presentation:

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