Fire board recall candidate roster finalized

The list of candidates running in the fire board recall election is now finalized and the candidates have been approved by the San Mateo County Board of Elections. Four candidates are running to replace three of the directors on the board of the Coastside Fire Protection District. All four of those candidates oppose efforts to move to a standalone department and all four support retaining Calfire.

While voters will have to vote to recall each of the three sitting board members subject to the recall before voting for an alternative candidate, the absence of any candidates supporting the board majority’s efforts to reinstitute a standalone department is something of a surprise.

As it is now, even if a single board member is successfully recalled then a pro-CalFire candidate would, in essence, automatically win, flipping the board from opposing CalFire to supporting CalFire.

CalFire, which is working under a one year unilateral extension after the fire board failed to renew its contract last year, is currently slated to depart after June 30th of this year. The recall election will be held April 9th.


Final Candidate Roster:

Karen Anderson is running to replace Mike Alifano.

J.B. Cockrell is running to replace Doug Macintosh.

Lee McKusck and Harvey Rarback are running to replace Gary Riddell.

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