Fire board recall election statements by candidates and board directors

The San Mateo County Board of Elections has posted short candidate statements for each of the four candidates running in the recall election and also from the three directors who are the subject of the recall. Each statement is intended to offer a summary of why you should support that individual.

The Board of Elections posted these in a manner that makes it difficult to extract the text, so I have simply posted images of each of the statements, scanned directly from the campaign statement forms posted on the Board of Elections web site.

Statement by Mike Alifano (subject of recall)



Statement by Karen Anderson (running to replace Mike Alifano)



Statement by Doug Macintosh (subject of recall)



Statement of J.B. Cockrell (running to replace Doug Macintosh)



Statement of Gary Riddell (subject of recall)



Statement of Lee McKusick (running to replace Gary Riddell)



Statement of Harvey Rarback (running to replace Gary Riddell)


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