First three candidates file in fire board recall election

The first three candidates have filed to run in the recall election for the Coastside Fire Protection District, according to the Daily Journal. Three current board members–Mike Alifano, Doug Macintosh, and Gary Riddell–will be subject to a recall vote on April 9th. If the vote is successful citizens will choose their successors on the same ballot.

Karen Anderson is running to replace Alifano while Lee McKusick and Harvey Rarback filed to replace Riddell. No one has yet filed to replace Macintosh. (Note that the ballot will be in two parts–a vote to recall first which, if successful, is followed by a vote to name a successor. The vote to recall a board member can be successful even absent a replacement candidate.)

The deadline for candidates to file is January 24th.

Karen Anderson, a resident of Canada Cove is a community volunteer, a repeat contestant on the television show Jeopardy!, and is part of the recall organization. Lee McKusick lives in El Granada. Harvey Rarback is a former scientist who ran for the Half Moon City council in last year’s election. He received 1984 votes in that race, narrowly losing to incumbent Marina Fraser.

(Point of clarification: All three candidates have filed to run but none have completed all of their paperwork and been approved by the Board of Elections. Thus, none are officially candidates–yet.)

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