High surf advisory from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning


National Weather Service

.. Beach hazards statement remains in effect from Friday

afternoon through Saturday morning…
… High surf advisory remains in effect from 10 am Saturday to
4 PM PST Sunday…

A beach hazards statement has also been issued. This beach
hazards statement for sneaker waves is in effect from Friday
afternoon through Saturday morning.

* Waves and surf… 4 to 5 foot west swell with a dominant period
of 25 to 27 seconds will move into the waters late Friday
afternoon. Seas will build to 8 to 10 feet with occasional
sets to 20 feet with a dominant period of 20 to 22 seconds by
late Saturday morning.

* Location… the Sonoma coastline south to the San Mateo County
coast line.

* Timing… beach hazards statement will be in effect from late
Friday afternoon through late Saturday morning. A high surf
advisory will then be in effect from late Saturday morning
through Sunday afternoon.

* Impacts… sneakers waves can catch beach goers and fishermen
by surprise washing them into the sea. As the seas build
expect excessive run up of waves onto beaches as well as
strengthening rip currents.

Precautionary/preparedness actions…

A beach hazard statement for sneaker waves means that conditions
are present to support a heightened risk of unsuspecting beach
goers being swept into the sea by a wave. People walking along
the beach should never turn their back to the sea. Fisherman
should avoid fishing from rocks or jetties.

A high surf advisory means that high surf will affect beaches in
the advisory area… producing rip currents and localized beach

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