Recall election forum, March 20, 2013

A second recall election forum was held this past Wednesday at the Midcoast Community Council meeting and was, as before, moderated by the League of Women Voters. In attendance were Mike Alifano, Doug Mackintosh, and Gary Riddell, all current directors of the board subject to recall, and Karen Anderson and Lee McKusick, challengers to those directors. Anderson, along with JB Cockrell and Harvey Rarback, are the three candidates endorsed by the recall organizers, although neither Cockrell or Rarback attended this forum.

An uncut version of the video is available here.

A few personal notes:

First, The audience, filling the room, was largely made up of unfamiliar faces (including one almost new face, Local 2400 campaign consultant Tony Fazio who sat just behind me). Having been to almost every fire board meeting for the past few years it is rare an unfamiliar face. The new people seemed to know each other and chatted with one of the fire board members after the meeting, congratulating him on his performance.

Second, there appears to have been some effort to sabotage the forum. One of the officials at the event told me that there had been a false notification sent around that the date of the forum had been moved to the following day and that this seemed to have been done with an intent to subvert the forum. Another source, who received a note saying the date had been moved, missed the forum due to the confusion, though it wasn’t immediately clear if the note in this case was a simple typo or something more nefarious.

Third, the forum, far and away the most controversial issue facing the coast since the last most controversial issue a year or two ago, and the first recall in San Mateo County in memory, was scheduled to run two hours, to end at 9:00 pm. However, the moderator, reviewing the questions, decided that many of them were simply covering the same old ground and cut the meeting short at 8:30. Many audience members were perturbed by this and at least one member of the audience was visibly distraught.

The recall election will be held April 9th.

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