New fire board made up of top-ten vote getters

The post-recall fire board has the unusual distinction of having each of its members ranking in the top ten vote getters of the past ten years. Gary Burke, who held the number one spot until yesterday’s election has been bumped to number three by Karen Anderson, a newcomer to political office, and JB Cockrell, a former board member who has served with Burke on earlier boards. Burke also holds the number nine slot making him the only elected official to appear twice on the list. Ginny McShane comes in at number ten.

Gary Riddell is the only recalled official on the top ten list, appearing eighth after his strong 2009 showing where he received more votes than any other candidate in that election. His support–counting those who voted “no” on the recall–diminished to 1999 votes by Tuesday’s election with 3518 voters choosing to remove him from office. Doug Mackintosh, who was also removed from office on Tuesday, didn’t make the top ten but did receive 1046 votes in 2003 and 1435 votes in 2007. He received 2035 votes–the most in his political career–to stay on the fire board but 3505 voted for his removal. Mike Alifano was appointed to a partial first term and then ran unopposed (along with Doug Mackintosh) in the 2011 elections and thus has not yet received any votes in his political career. Alifano was recalled with 2046 citizens voting to keep him in office and 3555 voting to dismiss him.

Note that the 2007 and earlier elections were held before the fire stations were consolidated.

Update: Note also that the Point Montara District was much smaller than the Half Moon Bay Fire District and this, by its nature, candidates–even winning ones–would have raw vote totals lower than their counterparts in Half Moon Bay. This chart, intended as a rather crude ranking of candidates, does not take those different district sizes into account and thus treats winning candidates in the Point Montara District unfairly. For example, Ginny McShane was the highest vote getter in Point Montara by a large margin with 977 votes (in 2005) followed by Chris Cilia with 744 votes (in 2007) and Bruce McKimmie with 734 votes (in 2005).


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