Perched Beach: Ready to fill it in?

Should we pave the beach?

Perched Beach, that is, that stretch of largely unused beach at the Harbor, next to the kayak rental place.

The Harbor District doesn’t have plans to pave it–yet–but they do have plans to build a bulkhead and fill it in with sand–a design that looks like the twin brother of the bulkhead structure, topped with a parking lot, that already exists next to the beach.

The harbor is filling up with silt due to poor design and so the Harbor District wants to dredge some of the sand from the harbor to make it more readily usable by boats. And if it does so it will have to do something with the sand (which may have environmental issues due to being from the harbor bottom–think of all that industrial pollution building up over the years).

This gets very complicated very quickly. The Coastal Commission is meeting this week with this item on the agenda but as it stands the item is listed as a “permit waiver,” a perfunctory category, not even individually itemized on the agenda. But if three of the commissioners decide to, the project will be required to have a Coastal Development Permit–and a higher level of scrutiny and public debate.

Do you think this project should go ahead immediately or do you think it needs more review by the public?

Make your thoughts known as soon as possible to Coastal Commission staffer Nicholas Dreher–no later than April 10–that’s tomorrow). He’ll include your letters to the commissioners for their review.

[Download Permit Waiver application and citizen letters, via MCC]

[Download Harbor District Plans 1]

[Download Harbor District Plans 2]

Photos of Perched Beach from April 9, 2013

DSCF7796 DSCF7797 DSCF7799 DSCF7801 DSCF7802 DSCF7806 DSCF7808 DSCF7809 DSCF7810 DSCF7811

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