Make a run for the border


What is wrong with the leadership in Half Moon Bay?

They’ve been on the losing end of every major controversy on the Coastside (and there were plenty of them) for at least the past ten years. Just in the past months four of the five city council members threw their weight to oppose the fire board recall, making robo calls, working their magic. They lost in a landslide.

Weeks ago they voted to spend $100,000 on a study to address “vacant buildings downtown and the loss of successful startups” with Mayor Kowalczyk bemoaning the lack of what amounts to a brand identity for Half Moon Bay.

And yet they allow another out-of-town owned major fast food restaurant chain to open in one of the most visible locations in town, a Taco Bell in a plaza that already has a well regarded Mexican restaurant, Happy Taco.

The future, for both Happy Taco and perhaps for Half Moon Bay, is not hard to see.

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