New petition aims to restore public access to Montara’s bluffs

Montara resident Karen Wilson has added a petition to local efforts to restore public access to the bluffs in Montara.The petition is addressed to the San Mateo Board of Supervisors.

Some residents on the ocean side of Highway One, above Montara Beach, appear to have grown hedges and built fences across public property (i.e. streets that were never built) and have essentially blocked public access to those areas and to a cliff-edge trail beyond. These public areas have been treated as private property, with patio chairs set up and gardens grown for the enjoyment of the owners and invited guests. A few of the owners, when presented with evidence of the problem, have relented and taken down the obstructions. A few have not been as responsive.

An earlier Montara Fog article, last December, highlighted this issue. Click on the third link, the “10/24 Presentation” for a nice summary.

Click here to read the petition and, if you like, add your name to the effort to restore public access to the bluffs in Montara.

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