Sam’s Chowder delivers $8000 check to Boys and Girls Club, tax bill on Moss Beach Park to be paid

Sam’s Chowder House has written and delivered a check for the full amount of tax due on the Moss Beach Park. The check, approximately $8000, was delivered to the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside who will then pay the tax bill at the county.

Coastside Preservation and Recreation (the original owners of the park) is in the process of reforming and will not be able to renew its non-profit status until it files the appropriate forms and received approval from the Internal Revenue Service, a process that could take several months.

The tax bill on the the Moss Beach Park is due in seven days, on September 16. The Boys and Girls Club is said to intend to deliver the check to the county tomorrow.

The Moss Beach Park was accidentally sold by the county for failure to pay back taxes. The owners of Sam’s Chowder House stepped forward and offered to pay the entire bill.

Supervisor Don Horsley met with the community last week and laid out a step-by-step plan to get the park back and guarantee its future. By agreement with the county’s tax collector, the tax collector agreed to void the sale of the park on the condition that the tax bill was paid. Horsley originally intended the county itself to pay or waive the bill but that was deemed illegal by county counsel.

Once the tax bill is paid the next steps, according to the “Horsley Plan,” are for the non-profit Coastside Preservation and Recreation to reform and re-take ownership of the park. San Mateo County will then change its rules about parks, allowing the county to run “pocket parks” like the one at Moss Beach. Coastside Preservation and Recreation will then give the park to the county who will maintain it in perpetuity.

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