Child pinned beneath car in Kelly Avenue mishap


Half Moon Bay, CA-   On Sunday, December 01, 2013, at approximately 12:17 pm, a Half Moon Bay  family was walking along Kelly Avenue, when some of the adult family members saw a couch across the street with signage indicating it was free. The adults left the children where they were and crossed the street to look at the couch.  It was at that time, one of the children, a 2 year old girl, ran out into the street and right in front of an oncoming vehicle.  Upon seeing the child, the driver of the vehicle immediately stopped his car, but the child was already pinned underneath. Having seen what happened; several bystanders jumped into action and lifted the vehicle thus freeing the child. Another bystander who happened to be a Physician’s Assistant immediately began tending to the child until the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department arrived on scene and took over. The child was conscious on scene and was transported to Fire Station 40 where she was then flown to the hospital by Life Flight.

As a result of the collision Kelly Avenue was shut down for several hours as the MAIT (Major Accident Investigation) Team assisted with conducting an investigation (se also the truck trailor accident claim procedure). As of today, the child is believed to be in stable condition. The driver who collided with the child was extremely cooperative with law enforcement on scene and was not believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision.


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