Patridge will not seek reelection to Half Moon Bay City Council

Naomi Patridge, the long serving member of the Half Moon Bay City Council and widely considered the key “old guard” politician in the city will not be running again for office this November. Though no announcement has been made the deadline for incumbents to file to take part in the upcoming election has passed without Patridge filing papers.

Patridge has been a force in city government for a generation. Her upcoming absence from the city council marks an opportunity for other incumbents or newcomers to play a larger role.

The City has been rocked for years by devastating lawsuits and a chronic pattern of bad decision-making which has eroded confidence in the city’s leadership even among Patridge’s political base. The recent Main Street Bridge controversy is seen by opponents and supporters of the “old guard” alike to be a possible turning point in the political future of Half Moon Bay.

Two incumbents, Rick Kowalczyk and Allan Alifano, both relative newcomers to the local political scene who elected in 2009, did file the necessary paperwork to run for reelection in November.

There are three seats open out of a total of five seats.

Although the deadline for incumbents to file has passed the deadline for non-incumbents has been extended to the close of business this coming Wednesday, August 13th.

Don Prestosz has filed papers with a number of others “pulling papers,” which indicates an interest in running. As of this writing those pulling papers are Deborah Ruddock, Luciano Arruda, David Eblovi, Kimberly Levin, Rick Hernandez, Doreen Gerrity, and Harvey Rarback.

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  1. Harvey Rarback Aug 9, 2014 at 12:33 pm #

    If you wish to see Half Moon Bay City government turned around, please support Deborah Ruddock, Doreen Gerrity and me, Harvey Rarback.