Peter Grenell, Harbor District manager, announces retirement, effective January 3, 2015

Harbor District general manager Peter Grenell announced his retirement tonight at the Harbor Commission’s general meeting.

Grenell has been the Harbor District manager for the past seventeen years, starting in May of 1997. In the past few years he has come under fire for various controversies at the Harbor District—-everything from harassment suits brought by a sitting commissioner, the discovery of thousands of dollars in uncashed checks in a desk drawer, to the odd revelation that Grennel has been running a secretive bank out of the offices of the district’s offices. A particular source of friction has been the relationship between Commissioner Sabrina Brennan and Grenell where mutual hostility sometimes broke out into the open during meetings.

Grenell’s contract had recently been extended until 2016.

In reviewing his tenure with the District Grenell noted the past complaints made against him which, according to Grenell, “turned out not be valid, sustained, and didn’t prevent me from continuing my work.” In addition to recent harassment complaints Grenell also was the subject of a sexual harassment complaint and investigation in 2001.

Grenell praised the staff at the harbor district and thanked the board for their support.

He will continue to work at the Harbor District until January 3th, 2015 and has promised to assist in the transition to the new manager.

See video from PCT starting at 34:00.

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