Conversations—New comment feature for Montara Fog

I’ve installed a new comment area for Montara Fog called “Montara Fog Conversations.” It is simple to use and clean-looking.

Anyone can read posts in Conversations but you have to register to post. You are only allowed to have one user name on Conversations. To enforce this I will personally approve each user before they can post. After approval user posts will appear instantly. (If you registered on Montara Fog before please re-register again.)

One nice feature of Conversations is that comments on articles are also integrated into the main forum area. You can post from an article page, from the sidebar on the front page, or from the Conversations page. It doesn’t matter. It’s all part of one conversation.

At the bottom of each article (in full page article view mode) you will find a Conversations area. You can post there. Or you can post in the sidebar or click on the blue “Montara Fog Conversations” link to go to the forum area to post there. You can also reach the forum from the menu at the top of the screen.

I’ll be tweaking things as we go along—I’d love to hear your feedback.

Welcome to Conversations.

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