Election Update: Bernardo widens lead over Tucker

The newest election count update, posted today at 4:30 pm, shows Robert Bernardo increasing his lead over Jim Tucker. Both are incumbents. Bernardo’s tally grew from 43,273 from Wednesday afternoon to 47,199 today and Tucker’s grew from 43,068 to 46,897. The gap increased from 205 votes Wednesday to 302 votes today. There still may be thousands of uncounted votes so the race is not yet concluded. The final vote count 9and the next update) is scheduled for Tuesday at 4:30.

Nicole David, the top vote getter in that race, increased her lead over the contested second place position with her current vote total now at 64,817. In this most recent update she increased her lead from 11,029 to 17,618, a gain of 6,589 votes.

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