CUSD reverses course, schools are now closed on Thursday


Due to significant changes in the storm predictions for tomorrow, I have made the decision to close all CUSD schools. A robo-call to student families has been initiated and we have activated our employee emergency phone tree.

Teachers and classroom support staff, including yard supervisors, do not need to report to school tomorrow. I am asking that school and district office staff, support and administrative, report to work, as well as all custodians and maintenance grounds personnel. However, if you believe the weather conditions make it too dangerous to come to work, please stay at home. Office support staff will be able to be released as soon as we can verify that all students that come to school have been safely reunited with their families.

Schools will re-open on Friday as the bulk of storm will be out of our area by early evening tomorrow. Please check with your school or department supervisor if you have any questions.

Thank you and be safe.

Tony Roehrick, Ed.D.
Cabrillo Unified School District

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