CUSD to attempt to keep schools open on Thursday, fallback plan unclear

Despite warnings of one of the strongest storms to reach the Coastside in years, the Cabrillo Unified School District has decided to attempt to keep schools open on Thursday. Pacifica Schools announced that they will close for the storm earlier today.

In a robo-call Wednesday at 7:00 pm, John Corry, the district Superintendent of Personnel/Pupil Services vowed to keep a close watch on weather conditions and warned that the school might have to close at some point during the day Thursday if conditions warranted.

Given that a strong storm might entail significant power outages both at the school and at the student’s homes it was unclear how the school might send that news to parents and how parents might receive such an announcement.

In his robo-call Corry suggested that parents listen to a local radio station. I wasn’t able to write down the call sign of the station that Corry mentioned but presumably it was KHMB, the local station run by Jim Henderson.

Unfortunately, Corry said that the Internet version of the radio broadcast, for reasons that are unclear, would not be able to carry the closure message. Only the over-the-air version of the broadcast, at AM 1710, would have the message.

The robo-call did not indicate how parents might access such a broadcast when not in their cars-—radios outside of those installed in automobiles have become uncommon in recent years.

Techniques students driving home on their own might use to navigate fallen trees, flooded areas, and downed power lines were not outlined in the call.

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