New school superintendent selected


DATE: June 10, 2015
FROM: Kate Livingston, Governing Board President
RE: Selection of a Finalist for Superintendent, Cabrillo Unified School District

The Cabrillo Unified School Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that a finalist for the position of Superintendent has been identified and final negotiations for a contract are in progress. It is anticipated that ratification of the appointment of Ms Jane Yuster as the district’s next superintendent will occur at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education on June 18, 2015. Currently, Ms Yuster is an Assistant Superintendent in Human Resources, Assessment, and Student Services in the Redwood City School District.

Ms Yuster is excited to head Cabrillo Unified School District. “I am honored and privileged to be offered the position of Superintendent of Cabrillo Unified School District. I have lived on the Coastside for fifteen years. Serving as the Superintendent feels like coming home.”

Ms Yuster has worked in Redwood City School District since 2008 in administrative positions, and as a classroom teacher in the early 2000s.  Prior to her career in education, Ms Yuster worked in the biotechnology industry in Arizona.

The Board of Trustees made its decision with input gathered from all key stakeholder groups in the district regarding the qualities of the next Superintendent. Dr. Michael Escalante and Dr. Peggy Lynch, consultants from the firm of Leadership Associates, assisted the Board in the search.

Representatives of stakeholders in CUSD will visit Ms Yuster’s district this week.

Ms Yuster experiences as a former business CEO, teacher, principal, district administrator and assistant superintendent have equipped her with the necessary knowledge and effective leadership skills desired in CUSD. She will help us prepare all our students to become well-educated and well-rounded citizens in the 21st century.

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