Harbor District videos now on Montara Fog

What’s the most secretive government body on the Coastside? I used to think it was the school board. When I first moved here no one seemed to attend their meetings–despite having the largest budget of any local agency–and no one seemed to know what was going on.

But then I realized I was wrong. The most secretive government body on the coast isn’t the school board, it’s the harbor Commission. Why? Because most citizens don’t know it exists. Their meeting agendas must have been posted only at the harbor office because I never saw one in my daily routine. Their meetings weren’t televised or videotaped. The web page was archaic. Few of the board members were local.

They were, to all but a few activists and stakeholders, invisible.

That’s changing, in large part to the efforts of newly elected commissioner Sabrina Brennan. Even before her election she pushed for having the meetings televised and for making more information available to the public in a timely way. As part of that effort she has arranged for Montara Fog to have access to the videos filmed by Pacifica Community Television so they can be published here, to widen the audience for these important documents.

There are many issues now before and coming before the Harbor District commissioners that impact our lives. These videos will help to provide the foundation for greater public awareness of and participation in the decision-making on these issues.

Below is the first “catch-up” post for the videos, with nine videos covering the period from January to April of this year. Future videos will be published as they become available.