Holsinger wins appointment to Harbor District board in secret vote

As predicted, Will Holsinger, a lawyer based in the City of San Mateo, was selected by a majority of the Harbor District’s sitting commissioners to serve until the next general election, in 2014.

The vote was by a controversial written ballot system, a form of which was declared illegal last year.

According to the Half Moon Bay Review, Commissioner Sabrina Brennan revealed that she had voted for Nicole David, a local marine scientist with a strong interest in recreation but David was up against strong odds. Many political observers on the coast predicted Holsinger’s victory well before Holsinger applied for the position.

According to Harbor District election rules, Holsinger’s term began today, immediately after the vote and will run until the November election is 2014. Then, if he chooses to run again and wins, he will continue to serve another two years until the fall 2016 elections, the end of the term of Leo Padreddi, the commissioner’s seat he is filling. Padreddi passed away earlier this year, shortly after winning the 2012 election. Commissioners normally only face election every four years.

The Half Moon Bay Review has more of the story.