Harbor to hold secret meeting tonight in South City, General Manager to get $4,000 raise

The recap:

The Harbor Commission plans to meet tonight in South San Francisco without video coverage of their meeting. The governing board, by a 3-2 vote in late August, accepted old-timer Jim Tucker’s recommendation to cancel the video due to either a) the audience acting dramatically or, b) to protect the staff from insulating comments from the audience. Jim’s rationale changes from time to time.

In that meeting Commissioner Holsinger, seemingly waking up from a nice nap, lectured the audience that he didn’t like publicly funded videos being linked to by political web sites (he cited that of Commissioner Sabrina Brennan). He doesn’t like the links. Public shouldn’t pay for it. Videos must stop. A copy of Computers For Seniors For Dummies has been ordered for Holsinger. It explains all those fancy words like “Internet” and “links” and “Democracy.”

Parravano didn’t say anything. Smart guy. But he still voted to cancel the video. Not so smart.

Bernardo, who looks and acts more and more like a well-trained puppy with every passing meeting, agreed with Tucker that the meeting behavior was a problem but then pointed out that maybe they just weren’t used to interacting with the public, period. He likes democracy. Good boy, Roberto, good boy.

End of recap. In tonight’s meeting, which you will never see, the Harbor District will extend for three years its $7500/month lease of 3675 square feet of South City office space for the few employees who work there. Each employee has about two Holiday Inn hotel room’s worth of space. The US average is 176 sq ft of space per employee.

Congratulations to the Harbor District office employees!

Later in the meeting Harbor Manager Peter Grenell will get a raise of about $4000–a 2.5% raise on his approximately $142,000 salary. Grenell is tight with Tucker and it shows. Last meeting the board handed out raises to the Harbor Master (a raise of $5,906 to $118,128, hasn’t had a raise since he was hired in April 2012), to the Human Resources Manager (a $3,037 raise to $121,492, hasn’t had a raise since January 2012), and the Director of Finance ($2,375 raise to $95,031, promoted to that position in July 2013 with a pay bump at that time).

Congratulations to “Ole Beardo” Peter Grenell and the senior staff of the Harbor District!

Want one of those jobs? You are in luck, my friend–they are hiring. Grenell is asking to hire two more employees, one for the position of Deputy Harbor Master the other for the position of Accountant (the old accountant is now the Director of Finance, who just got a promotion, a pay bump, and a raise).

Congratulations to all the future employees of the Harbor District! (You know who you are, wink wink.)

And finally, what meeting wouldn’t be complete with another formal effort to SHUSH! (Shut Her UP, Sabrina Hush!). In this episode of SHUSH! Harbor Manager Peter Grenell proposes approval of a “meeting protocol,” which further limits Brennan’s ability to place an item on the agenda and further limits the public’s ability to have its voice heard.

Congratulations Commissioners Tucker and Grenell! Tell Commissioner Holsinger the good news after his nap.


[Note: corrected error in Grenell’s salary.]

3 thoughts on “Harbor to hold secret meeting tonight in South City, General Manager to get $4,000 raise

  1. AND…this morning the HMB REVIEW sent out a tweet that they “discovered $40,000-$50,000 of un-cashed cashiers checks in a drawer representing Oyster Point tenant’s checks that had remained un-deposited….without explanation. (Tucker takes credit for getting to the bottom of things as Treasurer.)
    All this “found money” must be funding those ample raises!

  2. You should have been there folks. Grenell and Tucker are quite the team. Item 8 of last night’s agenda was put on the agenda by Grenell. Here is what was in agenda item 8:

    TITLE: Harbor Commission Meeting Protocol
    REPORT: Grenell, Memo
    PROPOSED ACTION: Adopt Harbor Commission meeting protocol recommendations as set forth herein

    For now, just remember this as it will come up again in a few paragraphs.

    As you all may, or soon will know, 40,000 dollars in uncashed checks was discovered in a desk drawer at the Oyster Point Harbor office. The District had been hassling its tenants claiming that they had not paid their rent when if fact, they had paid their rent. Big Jim Tucker, stopped by at the Oyster Point Office and supposedly found out about them. He called Bernardo who then called the other commissioners and relayed Big Jim Tucker’s “discovery”.

    Ok, here is the good part. Right when the meeting was getting to the stage where Commissioners can discuss matters and make suggestions for the next meeting’s agenda, Big Jim Tucker unilaterally declares, This Meeting Is Over! Then he, Holsinger, Parravano , Grenell, and his staff, got up and left.

    Remember Agenda Item 8? It seems that in the new protocols devised by Grenell, included a provision where SMCHD meetings can be brought to a hard stop anytime after 10:00 PM simply by any commissioner who chooses to declare it to be over.

    Hmmm. This looks kind of sketchy to me. Consider that the same night that:

    1) We find out that Grenell has been accused of harassment, again,

    2) We find out 40,000 or 50,000 dollars in rent checks are stuffed into a drawer,

    3) Grenell gets a pay raise,

    4) Bernardo had promised to address the issue of redacted invoices and try to agendize a discussion of it,

    5) The rules that the Harbor District meetings use are changed,
    :that very same night, Big Jim Tucker invokes one of the new rules and declares, “No Mas”!

    Does anybody detect a trend?

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