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Coastside Fire Protection Special Board Meeting, December 12, 2007

Vince Williams attended this week’s special meeting of the Coastside Fire Board (that’s the new board that was formed by the merger of the Half Moon Bay and Pt. Montara Fire Boards) and shares with us audio recordings of the meeting as well as his thoughts on what transpired. Thanks to Vince for providing this valuable public service. The files are in mp3 format–click to play.

This meeting was described in advance as an informational workshop for the new Directors. It is also a very accessible introduction to the major issues facing the District for the average citizen. There were no fireworks. But, there was some very frank discussion of some of the big issues like what will a CalFire contract cost, who pays for what, how the employees will be treated and compensated and how CalFire intends to manage the personnel that will work on the Coastside. Many of the hot button “local control” issues of the previous election were asked of the Chiefs. There is a lot that depends on the outcome of the court cases and details still to be worked out, once the Appellate Court stay is lifted.

This first audio segment is the call to order, ceremonial swearing in of the new Directors and introduction of the CalFire Chiefs John Fereirra and Dan Turner. Not real interesting, but a way for the listener to identify the speakers for the later segments.

The second audio segment is the start of informational workshop on the CFPD Budget. It starts with CFPD Acting Chief Cole presenting the CFPD budget. Unfortunately without the paper handout, portions are confusing. But, all the bottom line numbers are discussed verbally. There are many questions form Directors followed by some observations from Paul Perkovic from the audience.

The third audio segment is the discussion of the CalFire contracts with CFPD and it’s current state. Most listeners would probably find this the most interesting and informative segment. This was a very spirited discussion about who pays for what, the level of service and allegations of operational problems.

The fourth audio segment is a discussion of the Transitional Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) between HMBFPD and IAFF Local 2400. CFPD has assumed the responsibilities of this MOU. The Transitional MOU does not take effect until the contract with CalFire takes effect. The discussion starts out with comments from Mr. Tony Slimick of IAFF Local 2400. This discussion is heated and confused. Chief Cole had preciously sent a memo to IAFF Local 2400 President Ed Hawkins under the EXISTING MOU between HMBFPD and Local 2400. This memo was part of the handling of the process of renewal negotiation or termination under the existing contract. Mr. Slimick was attempting to make something else out of this. Chief Cole and Director Lees and Burke explained the process and the lack of relevance of Mr. Slimick’s comments to the actual agenda item of the transitional MOU. Chief Cole presented how the HMBFPD employees benefits will be transitioned and the cost to The District under the Transitional MOU. Chief Turner and Chief Fereirra provide some perspective on how past transitions to CalFire have been handled by other communities.

The next meeting of The CFPD Board is the Regular Board Meeting next week on Tuesday December 18. Agendas for the last two meetings have been up on the HMBFPD web site a couple of days before the meetings.

Vince Williams
Moss Beach

Audio recordings and photo by Vince Williams

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