Video of Comet Holmes (Now Bigger than the Sun)

Given all the fog you may have forgotten about Comet Holmes, speeding along way, way, way above the clouds (151 million above the clouds, in fact). If you haven’t had a chance to see it have a look at this (very short) video, shot the night of November 11th.

Between the ongoing fog and the soon to brighten Moon our chances of seeing Holmes are steadily diminishing. Enjoy the video. Hope for a clear night and see the comet for yourself!

The Comet is, as I said, over 150 million miles away from Earth. That sound far away but is not–it’s about four times more distant that Mars is from Earth and about halfway to Jupiter’s orbit. Jupiter, however, is on the opposite side of the Sun right now so there is no chance for a spectacular collision.

Speaking of the Sun, remember how we were all taught that the Sun was, by far, the largest object in the Solar System? That’s not true today. The dust cloud around Holmes is now bigger.

Click here for an amazing photo comparing the two (and note the picture of the gas giant Saturn hiding in the corner, for scale).





Video by Darin Boville, shot from my backyard in Montara.

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