Help Make the MCC Relevant: Wednesday (Jan 9th) at Seton

Neil Merrilees: Right Here In the Middle

You voted in the election, electing three candidates who spoke about making the MCC, long mired in obscurity, a more relevant, a more meaningful institution for the Midcoast.

Here is your chance. This Wednesday at 7:30 is your chance. The Midcoast Community Council will be holding its first meeting of the new year. This is the one where they will elect new officers, where they will talk about the process for choosing what goes on the agenda and what does not.

Neil Merrilees, a longtime video columnist for Montara Fog, is now on the Council. He won with more votes than any other candidate in the last decade, the second most votes of any candidate in the entire history of the MCC. In this video he asks you for something simple–your ideas. Come to the meeting and tell Neil and the other council members what role you think the MCC should play in our community. If you can’t make it e-mail Montara Fog and I’ll pass your comments on to Neil and the rest of the Council.

The meeting is at 7:30 at Seton Hospital–park in the upper lot, enter the main door, first room on the right. Tell the council you want the meeting to start on time, tell them you want the agenda filled with important relevant items. Tell them.

Video by Darin Boville

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