HMB Holds Public Workshop on Beachwood Lawsuit

Last night the Half Moon Bay City Council dispensed with their usual Tuesday night meeting format and instead substituted a “workshop” devoted solely to the Beachwood lawsuit.

The meeting was interesting and exceptionally well-run–starting exactly at 7 pm and ending exactly at 9 pm, as promised. It was divided into three discreet sections (well, four, if you count the ten minute wrap-up).

The first section was comprised of a brief slideshow from the attorney representing the appeals legal team covering a bit of the history of the case and highlighting some of the basic themes around which the appeal will be based. There was also a discussion of the various options the City has available to it, both best case and worst case.

The slideshow will be made available here as soon as I receive a copy. (Now available here…)

In the second section of the workshop members of the audience wrote questions to the legal team and to the City and the questions were read back and answered.

In the third section, billed as a brainstorming session, audience members were given microphones and asked for ideas and comments. A few confused this format with their usual chance for three-minute speeches at the regular meeting but on the whole people “got it.”

If you are following the Beachwood case I would recommend watching all three videos–less than two hours total.

If you need an introduction into the controversy then watch the overview video.

Congratulations to the Half Moon Bay City Council for a highly informative evening.

Videos by Darin Boville

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