Coastside Fire Protection District Board Meeting, March 18, 2008

Vince Williams has once again provided us with audio recordings of this month’s Board meeting of the Coastside Fire Protection District (CFPD). As you know, this is the fire department that provides fire and emergency medical services for the entire coastside. Fire policy can be terribly complicated. Without Vince’s great recordings it would not only be complicated but largely invisible to the citizens.

Click here for a pdf of the meeting agenda.

This first segment is the reconvening from closed session to open session, roll call and pledge. No public comments were made. President Burke reported out of closed session, direction was given to the Chief and no Board action was taken. There was no report from IAFF Local 2400. The remainder of this segment was corrections to minutes of previous meetings and consent calendar.

The second segment is Continuing Business 7A: Video recording meetings and web streaming proposals. There were many public speakers. Each speaker was limited to two minutes. A motion was made to contract for six months with Montara Fog. The motion was amended and was discussed at length by the Board. Many Board members expressed a desire to rebuild the District’s web site and host the web stream videos there. The final motion was to contract with Montara Fog for six months with the ability of the Board to terminate the contract with seven days notice. The final vote was Burke, Cockrell, Lees, McShane and MacKimmie for and Cilia, Draper, Hosfelt and Mackintosh against.

The third segment starts with Continuing Business 7B: Policy Manual. No action was taken. Next was item 7C: Hiring of new Firefighters. Director Mackintosh suggested the Board work on two paths to get hiring started should the Court rule against the Board contracting with CalFire. No other comments were made and no action was taken.

The fourth segment picks up with New Business 8A: Current employee and retiree medical benefits resolution 2008-6. Directors Lees and MacKimmie recused themselves and left the meeting room. This item was to
correct past medical payments to employees and retirees. The “correction” was whether retroactive payment would be tied to Kaiser rates or what was negotiated in the operative MOU at the time. There was considerable discussion and many amendments made to the resolution. The final vote was Burke, Cockrell, Draper, Hosfelt and McShane for and Cilia and Mackintosh against.

The fifth segment picks up with New Business 8B: Transferring ERAF and Harbor Village CFD funds to reserves, 8C: Policy change on Workmen’s compensation, 8D: Weed abatement contract solicitation and 8E: Review of Director’s pay for meetings.

The sixth segment is Director’s and Chief’s Reports. Under the ALS/JPA Committee Report Director Lees reported on the status of the new ambulance contract for the County. The Board of Supervisors relented to pressure and are NOT soliciting bids to have County Dispatch contracted out as an option to the ambulance and paramedic contract renewal. The next regular Board meeting was rescheduled from it normal date to April 29, 2008.

Congratulations to Darin and MontaraFog on the award of the contract with CFPD. This may be the last audio recording I do for MontaraFog. Hopefully, next month there will be a more engaging video of the CFPD Board meeting. My personal thanks to Darin for hosting my audio recordings and his efforts to make our local government bodies more transparent.

Audio recordings and text by Vince Williams of Moss Beach.

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